• New Student Move-In (Freshman and Transfers)
  • 入住预约时间为上午9点至下午3点


  • Returning Student Move-In (Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors)
  • 入住预约时间为上午9点至下午3点

8月19日星期六 & 8月20日星期日

  • 来晚的人
  • 上午11点至下午3点


You will schedule your move-in appointment through the Housing Tab of MySSU. Please plan to arrive and check in during your selected time slot. If you are still waiting for an assignment, please be patient as we work through the room assignment process. We have plenty of Move-In time slots to choose from and guarantee a time to accommodate your travel schedule.

screen shot of move-in registration options on MySSU

Please check your SSU email regularly for updates to these procedures. 电邮至 如果你有任何问题或疑虑,随时欢迎.




Once on campus, you will head to the 大学中心's upper parking lot. There will be signage pointing you in the right direction, and you can look at the map to get an idea (yellow-bordered area). Once there, you will drive up to one of our Welcome Ambassadors (they will be under tents). Let them know what room you are in, and they will tell you where to go next! If you do not know what room you are in, please look at the section below. 



You will need to know what your room is so we can point you in the right direction during move-in!

  1. Login to MySSU 
    (If you have issues logging into MySSU, you can use the IT服务获取帮助表格 请求协助)
  2. 去支付住房费用
  3. You will see a section called Roommate and Housemate Details


*Your meal plan, assignment, and housemates will be visible on this page.


  • SSU学生手册 (PDF) - Guides and regulations that apply to all housing students.
  • 要带什么装箱单 (PDF) - Recommended items to bring for housing! 
  • 停车许可证 – Request a parking pass before moving in and pick it up once you are here on campus.
  • 学生行为准则 – This document provides detailed descriptions of behaviors that violate our expectations and that would result in a conduct review and possible disciplinary action.