学生成功中心 is here to help you succeed. We are the hub of learning and academic support on campus — and want to see you here, whether you have a specific tutoring or advising need, 或者你只是需要一个思考的空间. 在这里, you'll find tables where you can study alone or with a group, 供你使用的电脑, 专业学术顾问, and learning support that includes academic coaching, 同侪教导, 和补充说明(SI). 

Call, email, or walk-in to get the help you need to be successful.  We look forward to serving you and we hope that you will make the 学生成功中心 your "去" place on campus when you’re looking for a friendly face and a place where you belong.


Our 专业学术顾问 for Academic & 学生事务, 专业进修学院, and 文理学院 will help you navigate through your college journey and chart your course to graduation.  除了, they will assist you in applying to selective programs and finding the resources you need to succeed. 他们是你的伙伴.


Your academic advisor plays a crucial part in your educational journey. They provide not only course recommendations and make sure you’re staying on track in your degree, 但他们也提供支持, 宣传, 并以各种方式提供帮助.

If an advisor has made a difference in your experience here at 肖尼 State University, 那为什么不感谢他们呢? By filling out the “感谢顾问” form, you can express your gratitude for the work that they do.

Your note will be shared with the advisor; however, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can. You will be asked to provide your name and ID number to complete the form; however, if you do not want them shared with the advisor, 他们不会的.



Our peer tutors and SI leaders are trained and are students who excel at the subject matter for which they are tutoring. 了解更多365bet官方网站辅导的信息.



除了 to academic advising and our tutoring and SI program, 我们还提供多种测试服务.

For currently registered students, we offer 化妆品测试. After speaking to your instructor about taking a make-up test, 预约 参加考试.

另外,我们提供 位置测试. 我们也提供 天天p测试 通过PearsonVUE, 美国教育考试服务中心, 米勒类比测验, CLEP, and for students taking online coursework through other institutions that require 天天p测试.