The implementation of 教育家 testing in Ohio (俄亥俄州教育工作者评估) is in response to standards adopted by the State Board of Education (see Ohio Administrative Code). The State Board of Education has adopted examinations for licensure that are provided by:

  1. Evaluation Systems group of Pearson (Pearson)
  2. 美国教育考试服务中心
  3. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (行为FL)

Successful completion of required tests is designed to ensure that candidates for licensure have acquired the minimal knowledge necessary for entry-level positions.

Licensure tests provided by 行为FL/LTI are required of all modern world language candidates. These assessments ensure the spoken and written language proficiency of candidates for licensure to teach modern world languages.

ODE只要求 一个 Pedagogical Knowledge 评估 test be successfully completed in an 教育家's career. 然而, new content or licensure areas require additional Pearson, 行为FL or OAE subject tests to establish minimum competency in that subject area.

Any applicant interested in specific test requirements of an 教育家 preparation program 必须 contact the school, college, or department of education of an approved institution.

Any person holding licensure in another state and interested in obtaining Ohio licensure should contact the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), 教学专业中心, 教育工作者执照办公室, 25 S. Front Street, MS 105, Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183, (614) 466-3593 or (Toll free) 877-644-6338.

电子邮件: 教育家.licensure@education.俄亥俄州.政府


New Entry requirements for Teacher Education


Applicants may qualify via a combination of scores/grades (e.g., 行为 English, 行为 阅读, and a grade of B in MATH1110). 行为, 学业技能评估, and grades from specific courses in the GEP may be combined to meet this threshold.


  • 行为英语成绩达到18分或更高
  • Core Academic Skills assessment score in Writing of 162 or higher
  • 英语1101/1102成绩达到B级或以上 英格兰1105年


  • 行为阅读成绩达到21分或更高
  • Core Academic Skills assessment score in 阅读 of 156 or higher
  • 英语1101/1102成绩达到B级或以上 英格兰1105年


  • 行为数学成绩达到22分或更高
  • Core Academic Skills assessment score in 数学 of 150 or higher
  • 数学1100成绩达到B或以上 OR 数学核心课程等效