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The 化学 program at 肖尼 State is the gold-standard for the chemistry professional. It will prepare you for careers in chemistry, pharmacy and research.

Our program was designed following the highest standards set forth by the American Chemical Society. 它是严格的. 这很有挑战性. It is pretty exciting (if you’re into this type of thing … and we are).


Want to talk to an advisor about career options or learn more about what it’s like to be a 化学 major at 肖尼 State?

联系 the Department of 自然科学 by emailing


Our graduates have found careers working for chemical companies, 以及继续他们的研究生教育, 医学院或药学院. Chemists work in the areas of forensics, medicine, analytics, polymers, and quality assurance.

Chemical technicians are working in testing laboratories, 物理方面的研究和发展, engineering and life sciences; chemical manufacturing, 大专院校及专业学校


Our faculty offer research opportunities for every student, working one-on-one with you. Our labs offer state-of-the-art instrumentation and a suite of computers running computational chemistry software.


我们提供三门化学课程, 根据你的职业目标:通用化学, Industrial 化学, 和Pre-Pharmacy. 了解更多365bet官方网站我们的化学学士学位.


Our chemistry program is part of the Department of 自然科学 at 肖尼 State. 在这里, we offer degrees in biology, pre-med, and geology, in addition to chemistry. We also offer science teacher licensure for grades 7-12.

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