The 大学教务委员会 (UFS) is the official voice of the faculty of 肖尼 State in the shared governance process of the university.

UFS的, through the work of its standing and ad hoc committees, recommends courses of action with respect to academic and educational policies or other related areas of faculty concern so that the 总统 of the University, 校董会, and the Ohio Board of Regents may benefit from the full diversity of faculty viewpoints and the collective experience, knowledge and judgment of the faculty of 肖尼 State University.

UFS的 consists of sixteen Senators elected on staggered, 两年的条款, with representation equally divided between the College of Arts & Sciences and the 专业进修学院. UFS officers are also elected to 两年的条款 and serve on the UFS Executive Committee.

Questions regarding AY 2022-24 meetings may be directed to:

(740) 351-3387


Access Curriculog to submit a proposal or to see the status of existing proposals in shared governance: