我们订阅 N带有 A这对 E的教育 P采购道德守则.

  1. Give first consideration to the objectives and policies of my institution.

  2. Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.

  3. 拒绝私人礼物或小费.

  4. Grant all competitive offerors equal consideration insofar as state or federal statute and institutional policy permit.

  5. Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of good faith, 没有故意的虚假陈述.

  6. Demand honesty in sales representation whether offered through the medium of a verbal or written statement, 一个广告, 或者是产品的样品.

  7. Receive consent of originator of proprietary ideas and designs before using them for competitve purchasing purposes.

  8. Make every reasonable effort to negotiate an equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of any controversy with a supplier; and/or be willing to submit any major controversies to arbitration or other third party review, insofar as the established policies of my institution permit.

  9. Accord a prompt and courteous reception insofar as conditions permit to all who call on legitimate business missions.

  10. 与贸易合作, industrial and professional associations, and with governmental and private agencies for the purposes of promoting and developing sound business methods.

  11. Foster fair, ethical, and legal trade practices.

  12. Counsel and cooperate with NAEP members and promote a spirit of unity and a keen interest in professional growth among them.

We encourage all university departments to follow this code.