邮件服务 & 接收 is responsible for all incoming and outgoing university mail.

  • Applies correct postage to all letters/parcels sent from SSU via 美国邮政总局
  • Receives all incoming shipments from 联合包裹, FedEx, and all commercial carriers
  • Delivers mail, packages, and parcels to correct destination, including residential student mail
  • Answers all calls directed to “switchboard or operator”, internal and external and routes to the proper party/office

联络邮件服务 & 接收

(740) 351-3304

(740) 351-3302


如果从亚马逊等网站订购大件商品. please give specific directions and location to our 接收建筑. We have had several deliveries that sit overnight or longer on random docks throughout campus without us being aware.  Also, If you are expecting items and you or your department is out, 通知我们 so we do not attempt to deliver to a closed office.

如果一个包裹被认为丢失了, we are now able to check on that for you to see if it has made it to 肖尼 State. 请将您的跟踪信息发送给我们 for the package, and we can give you an update on its location.

激光的船 is the main carrier for your Staples/Brown items. Many times these items are marked as Delivered and we have not yet received them. They mark them as received when they are loaded on the truck. If they attempt to deliver to your office directly, please reroute them to 接收.


  • Packages are picked up before 10 AM or anything after this usually the next day delivery.
  • When seeing marked as Delivered/Out for Delivery: This only means it has been Placed in our Bin at the Post office – not that we have received it.
  • Post office Tracking is recognized starting with the #9
  • You can track your own Packages by entering the Tracking number on 美国邮政总局 site. Enter the entire number with no Spaces or Dashes. 
  • 一些亚马逊会通过邮局来
  • Even though a package is Overnighted it can still take up to two days for delivery.
  • They can deliver up to twice a day and other times it maybe every other day. 
  • Drop off box located on South side of Court house (same day by 4pm)
  • Has been arriving by 12:30 PM but could change depending on when we get a new Driver.
  • We accept FEDEX for delivery (Prepaid or return label needs to be attached).
  • 通常在下午到达
  • 退货需要附上提单
  • 每天11-12:30到达
  • 跟踪从1Z开始
  • 可以通过联合包裹网站追踪吗
  • 我们不通过联合包裹出货, but returns are accepted with Label and will go out the same day if received prior to 11 AM.
  • 处理大多数亚马逊包裹
  • 随机交货时间
  • Many companies use this for Discounted shipping (Brown, Staples, Nike and Bath and Body).
  • 随机交货时间 
  • 现在通过美国邮政总局
  • Tracking is usually a sequence of numbers and Letters
  • 需要几个星期
  • Once a package enters the US it will be given a 美国邮政总局 or 联合包裹 Tracking number
  • 野山羊 packages are delivered and placed in the locker and Amazon will send you a code.
  • After 3 days we will Receive a return label to pick it up
  • After we Receive the label, you cannot we retrieve your package, and it is sent back to Amazon
  • 储物柜仅在UC打开时可用.
  • We have some Packing supplies and can assist or advise you on your shipping needs (tapes, 记号笔及优先邮件等.)
  • We can mail your Packages as long as you have an account number or Pre-paid postages (We do not Sell or have stamps available).
  • We are able to do Certified for your departments (This will provide you with Tracking and a signature upon delivery).